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The establishment of the Technical Teachers Training College (TTTC) dates back to 1960 as the teachers’ wing of the Dhaka Polytechnic Institute. It underwent rapid growth and development and in 1964 emerged as a separate college called the Technical Education College (TEC). In 1967 the college was renamed the Technical Teachers Training College.

In 1981, with opening of a separate Engineering College (Presently DUET) on the campus of TTTC it suffered a break in its activities. TTTC was reborn in 1986 with renewed philosophy and naturally with activities in tune with modern trends in the arena of training of the technical teachers internationally. TTTC owes it growth and development since its rebirth mostly to the technical assistance provided by ODA (UK).

The Technical Teachers Training College operates under the executive direction of the Ministry of Education, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh acting through the Directorate of Technical Education. The academic programmes, however, function under regulations of the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) and of the University of Dhaka for two levels of programme : namely, the Diploma-in-Technical Education and B. Sc-in-Technical Education respectively.

In the midst of changing technological and development the urgency of upgrading and updating teachers is paramount. This can only be ment by provision of short courses. Hence such courses ranging from three days to two weeks have become a regular feature of TTTC activities. These short courses are arranged in a variety of areas of study which inter alia, include the following.

  • Teaching methodology with particular emphasis given to practical teaching of technology and science.
  • Resource production and development.
  • Curriculum Development.
  • Management for Senior Polytechnic staff.
  • Development of communication skills.
  • Computing.

These short courses aim to meet both the institutional and individual needs of the Technical-Vocational Education and training systems of the country.

Some special programmes have included the following areas of activity:

  • Development and publication of teachers guides for Dip-in-Engineering offered in the polytechnics.
  • Design, development and production of teaching aids and equipment for polytechnics.
  • Training of trainers.
  • Conduct of study and research in the areas of curriculum development, technology and special needs of technical-vocational education and training system.
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